Radha Manoharam

(Rangoon Creeper) - our Courtyard Room

Our stunning Courtyard Room is named Radha Manoharam for a reason.

Like the Radha manoharam creeper that grows wildly, our courtyard room is an informal,unfettered space where you can exchange ideas or relax with like-minded people over an invigorating cup of coffee or a refreshing glass of fruit juice.

We partially retained the open feeling of this space, which was originally Mr. Gwynn’s car portico,by introducing a brickwork trellis that invites natural elements like sunlight and the breezes.

20 X 20 sft (around 400 sft)
25 people can easily sit on chairs
40 people on carpet

Capacity: 65 people.
Rental Fee: 2,500 for half day programme,
5,000 for full day programme.