When we first started Saptaparni in 2003,
our vision was to
provide a learning
environment that
helped children
reconnect with their
roots while also
facilitating enriching
cultural traditions.

So we inaugurated a first of its kind children’s bookstore that stocked thoughtfully
curated indigenous books and traditional Indian toys; opened up our amphitheatre to
cultural events; used our gallery to accommodate workshops, lectures & demonstrations;
and started archiving valuable renditions by Carnatic music maestros so they become
accessible for all times to come.

As if by divine design, Saptaparni grew even beyond our vision. Over the years, apart from
the music concerts, dance performances, plays and book reading sessions, we also
hosted several stimulating talks, book releases and theme based Ikebana exhibitions.
We tapped into able resource persons to nurture a whole generation of children through
music, storytelling and creative writing classes; as well as pottery, shloka chanting and
theatre workshops.

Our flexibility let Saptaparni grow into an incubating space for many new programs. Manthan was kick-started here. Good Seeds Organic Bazaar which is synonymous with a Sunday family outing found impetus here. For the last 8 years, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India has been counseling distraught caregivers once a month on our very premises.

Over the years Saptaparni blossomed into a vibrant community of like-minded people-parents, friends, artistes, well wishers and all those who shared a passion for our art and culture. The ten year journey has been memorable and the continues with similar passion and inspiration.

Unique programs like Tyagayya unplugged and SOTA chamber music concert hosted in our newly built multi purpose hall testify that we are equally open to experimentation and innovation. Similarly, our community engagement and commitment to sustainability has unexpectedly attracted NGO meets and small corporate get-togethers as well as several exciting handloom exhibitions.

Our flexibility is therefore best summed up in one line:
Basically, if you have an idea, we have the space.